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Thrènes Mix 004

You could compare Uhuruku’s behaviour in the electronic music scene with that of a treasure hunter. A part of his treasure trove is exhibited carefully in his mixes. As in a museum, every single piece is put in the right place and light. For his current exhibition, “Thrènes mix 004,” he shows once again his excessive concern for details.


  1. Papiro - Rev (Part 1) :: A Tree In A Field Records/Some Fine Legacy
  2. Sabla - Spirits :: Gang Of Ducks
  3. Violet Poison - Vira Serpens Secrets :: Bed Of Nails
  4. Scarpa - Prophetic Victory Hymn :: Frozen Border
  5. Jahiliyya Fields - Clear Collar :: L.I.E.S.
  6. Ipman – Ventricle :: Cold Recordings
  7. Demdike Stare - Misappropriation :: Modern Love
  8. Ekman - Quantitative Matter And Motion :: Bedouin Records
  9. Happa - 13.05.13 :: Boomkat Editions
  10. Ancient Methods - Knights & Bishops :: Ancient Methods