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Spiraal Aurel

Thrènes Mix 015

Thrènes’s mix n° 15 is curated by the producer Spiraal Aurel. Back in 2015 the Russian producer, together with friends, launched the null sonics label. Three years later, the label already has eight dark-oriented releases which easily capture the vision behind it: a focus on experimentalism and sound design, along with an endless menacing and contemplative atmosphere. Spiraal Aurel, keeping true to his label's philosophy, opted to build a meticulous and powerful mix for Thrènes. Amongst the many jewels of the dark electronic scene composing his selection, we can also discover some of Spiraal Aurel’s tracks from his latest EP "Fadra". This is a "null sonics” takeover at its best.


  1. Emptyset - Departure :: Subtext
  2. Spiraal Aurel - Seashore :: Unreleased
  3. DYL - Repegnal :: null sonics
  4. Erkki Kurenniemi - Hana :: Love Records
  5. Spiraal Aurel - Fadra :: null sonics
  6. ~JM - 17 :: null sonics
  7. Rzeng - Outfilelife :: Unreleased
  8. DiNT - Hooker :: Horo
  9. Spiraal Aurel - Paraisthisi :: null sonics
  10. Moodswing - Wastelands :: Unreleased
  11. Protosoniq & Spiraal Aurel - Taboo :: null sonics
  12. Demdike Stare - Of Decay and Shadows :: Modern Love