Anton Beatbox

Thrènes Mix 006

Anton Beatbox is the owner of the eclectic, dark music-oriented record store Beatbox Vinyl. Going through the music catalog of his store, one can feel the tremendous passion and energy he puts into it. The skillful mix he delivered for Thrènes, consisting of fourteen perfectly chosen tracks, captures his refined musical taste. Equipped with two mk2s and a tape deck, he invites us to a mysterious and tenebrous trip. A must listen for anyone!


  1. Olymphia - Carpet Of Crushed Seashells Covering Parts Of The Floor :: Posh Isolation
  2. Pact Infernal - Circle IX (Treachery) :: Samurai Horo
  3. ENA - 9th Divided :: Samurai Horo
  4. Pact Infernal - Circle V (Anger) :: Samurai Horo
  5. Shackleton ‎– Death Is Not Final :: Skull Disco
  6. ASC - Loophole (Sam KDC Remix) :: Samurai Horo
  7. Ancestral Voices - Feathered Serpent (ASC & Sam KDC "Grey Area" Remix) :: Samurai Horo
  8. Lumisokea - Generation Z :: Opal Tapes
  9. Primitive World - Ascention IV :: Ecstatic
  10. Pact Infernal - Circle III (Gluttony) :: Samurai Horo
  11. Demdike Stare - Misappropriation :: Modern Love
  12. Talker - Cut The Weight (Regis Extended Version) :: Downwards
  13. Grebenstein - No. You Don't :: Downwards
  14. Nine Inch Nails - At The Heart Of It All (Created By Aphex Twin) :: Warp