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Finn Of Tomland

Thrènes Mix 007

For the 7th edition of our podcast series, we are honored to host SonuoS’s label boss, Finn of Tomland. With over 20 years on the DJ roads, a great connoisseur of electronic music, Finn always has the way to carry the listener into a profound mental trip. Keeping a closer eye on the massive amount of mixes along with the masterpieces he released on his imprint (Pokk!, Valanx, Plaster, and A.O.T.), someone can easily capture his eclectic musical taste and knowledge. Deep and narrative, the selection he assembled for Thrènes descends like a peregrination into the abyss.


  1. MRTVI - IVUKTON :: Jezgro
  2. Pokk! - FLFLP (Mokira Remix) :: SonuoS
  3. Stavrogin - Paralysis :: 3BS
  4. Simon Shreeve - System Living :: Downwards
  5. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger - CRT Creeper :: Cosmo Rhythmatic
  6. Valanx - Daughters Of The Everfire :: SonuoS
  7. Simon Shreeve - External Laws :: Downwards
  8. Acronym - Surrounded :: Semantica
  9. Basic Channel - Q-Loop (Full Length) :: Basic Channel
  10. Daniel Araya - I Want To Be Andreas :: Kontra-Musik
  11. Tetsumasa - Grim :: SAIDAN
  12. Felix K & BassDee - A1 :: Hidden Hawaii
  13. Yves De Mey - Eight Steps Of Karplus :: Entr’acte
  14. Valanx - Daughters Of The Everfire (Yves De Mey Remix) :: SonuoS
  15. Daniel Araya - Acid Ambient 3 :: Kontra-Musik
  16. Fjäder - Tystnadens Timma :: Shaded Explorations