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Restive Plaggona

Thrènes Mix 008

If we have to name an artist with substantial productivity and constant quality output, certainly Restive Plaggona (or Plaggona when his technoid work is concerned) would be one of the first to come in our minds. His numerous gems released on DVNTT, Moral Defeat, Collapsing Market, Rafarta Records, Labrynth , and on his own imprint "Several Minor Promises" prove that quantity and quality can perfectly go together hand in hand. Notwithstanding his busy schedule, Restive Plaggona found some time to elaborate a uniquely intense mix for Thrènes, encapsulating his dark-driven vision in music.
We are waiting with growing impatience his forthcoming material on various labels in the near future.

"And I was in the dark and I was the dark and then a sun ray saw me"


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