Hysteric Agent

Thrènes Mix 010

If you have ever asked yourself how dying evolves and what it feels like, Hysteric Agent may show you a possible approach through his deep and peculiar mix for Thrènes. The first half of his assortment reflects the agony and the fight against death. The contrasted second half brings us towards the irreversible destiny once the fight has been completely lost.
As he has already proven through his released material on Total Black and on Drvg Cvltvre’s New York Haunted, Hysteric Agent knows how to arouse the listener's curiosity.

Immerse yourself in his abyss until you reach a cathartic state.

"Strictly recorded with vinyl and cassette from the bowels of suburbia, CA. Dedicated to the stench of the vicissitude that looms in present day."


  1. Ryo Murakami - Soil and Rain :: Bedouin Records
  2. Puce Mary - Slow Agony Of A Dying Orgasm :: Posh Isolation
  3. Merzbow - Kakapo Pt. 2 :: Oaken Palace Records
  4. Jansky Noise - Black Night Ft. Rifka :: 10 Label
  5. SPR - District :: Weevil Neighbourhood
  6. Michel Chion - Requiem: Dies Irae :: Sub Rosa
  7. Kali Malone - Black Gate I :: Total Black
  8. Lebensfaden - Fall Into A Crevice, Nevertheless That Is My Closet :: Urashima
  9. Morita Doji - 地平線 :: Polydor