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Thrènes Mix 012

Nitrate displays a cinematic aestheticism and a velvety flow in her mesmerising mix for Thrènes. The introverted sonic images of her selection are gradually unfolding to compose an abstract scenario that will trigger every listener to remain entranced until the redemptive end of the deconstructing plot.

Just let your feelings wander across Nitrate's darkly shaded territories.

Notes by Nitrate:
"Nitrate is a fresh newcomer to the music scene. She is exploring the possibilities and the depth sound creates and how it interacts with our inner feelings, where interpretation is open and individual to each, yet connected.

Epitaphios logos
I dedicate this mix to my much beloved and recently passed away both grandparents - RIP.

Also many thanks to Uhuruku, Soult and Doris Stemmel for their support, openness, trust and motivation.

Vinyl & tape only."


  1. Dasha Rush - Life Time Poem :: Raster Noton
  2. Cocolores - Satellite Systems Pt1. :: Àlden Records
  3. MMMD - Sorsa :: Antifrost
  4. Dreyt Nien - Les rivières de la nuit :: Err Rec
  5. MMMD - Malproksime :: Antifrost
  6. MB/RS - The brighter side of fucking history :: Instruments of discipline
  7. Ryo Murakami - Derivation :: Bedouin Records
  8. Ancestral Voices - Yantra :: Horo
  9. Muslimgauze - X Ajza of Martyrdome :: Vinyl-on-demand ‎
  10. Ancestral Voices - Eiyani :: Horo
  11. Ryo Murakami -Waste :: Bedouin Records
  12. Verhalten - Oxter :: Modern Tapes
  13. Ryo Murakami - Down the drain :: Bedouin Records
  14. Blutwurst - Lhotse :: Negative Days
  15. Ryo Murakami - They know :: Bedouin Records
  16. Dreyt Nien - Psychopods :: Err Rec
  17. Senking - Van Belly :: -ous
  18. Hirsch & Eigner - Swoop :: -ous
  19. Senking - Jacket Cool Down :: -ous
  20. Dave Phillips - Solastalgia/Ohnmacht :: iDEAL Recordings