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Thrènes Mix 025

Basic Space’s zeal for music is deeply rooted. As organizer of the techno event series Momentvm, he made decisive contributions to great and memorable events in Zurich where he is based. Furthermore, he co-founded Paranoise Radio over a decade ago, a webradio in which he is still an active member and broadcasts his music findings on a monthly basis.
His great perception of industrial, left-field techno, and dark electro is compiled in an unforgettable hour-long listening experience.


  1. Saåad - Incarnat III (The Invisible Steeple) :: In Paradisum
  2. ANFS - Monoi Sto Spiti :: Agia Varvara Originals
  3. Kangding Ray - Lone Pyramids :: Stroboscopic Artefacts
  4. Antechamber - Lobs Pound :: Instruments of Discipline
  5. Wara - Najam Aishama ⁄ نجم الشمال :: Urban Legend Records
  6. Overlook - Loyal To The Unsung :: Osiris Music
  7. Nigh/T\mare - Without Believing :: Thrènes
  8. Sciahri - Unconscious Unconscious :: Sublunar
  9. These Hidden Hands - When Told (Atom™ Remix) :: Hidden Hundred
  10. Kaczmarek - IIIIIIIII (Djedjotronic Remix) :: KCZMRK
  11. Pi-xl - Disciplinary Action (Remix) :: Dominance Electricity
  12. Restive Plaggona - Waitress Attack :: Sacred Court
  13. Umwelt - Superior Life Forms :: Midnight Shift
  14. UVB 76 - SG1 :: Midi Deux Entertainment
  15. Uun - The Talisman :: Ego Death