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Tullia Benedicta

Thrènes Mix 024

Hailing from Italy's Bologna, Tullia Benedicta has endowed a peculiar mix for Thrènes. An exceptional sonic narrative built on a broad selection of tracks and unforeseeable transitions offers a distinct acoustic experience. The artist's creativity and the unique approach in her music do not stand only for the djing, but also expand in her producing skills. Deeply immersed in music production, Tullia Benedicta has already unveiled her talent. Her tracks on "Black Chrysalis Archives," accompanied by remixes from top-notch artists like Samuel Kerridge, Tapefeed, Years Of Denial and Fire At Work, witness the worth of keeping an eye on her future music outcomes.

We are looking forward to digging her forthcoming productions on imprints like the lovely DVNTT, Soil Records and Sional Records later this year.



  1. Unhuman - Behind the Pulse :: Leyla Records
  2. Sheeba Exp - 20,6 MB of Void :: Gram Publishing
  3. Mønic - Regret was never so Sure (Regis remix) :: Osiris Music
  4. SOJ - Golden Seals :: Soil Records
  5. Eomac - Ascension :: Bedouin Records
  6. Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version) :: Blackest Ever Black
  7. Manni Dee - A Lackey for Life :: Leyla Records
  8. Kamikaze Space Programme - Sparks :: Osiris Music
  9. Vault - Dolorosa :: Diffuse Reality Records
  10. HTRK - Give it Up :: Ghostly
  11. Drew McDowall - Hypnotic Congress :: Dais Records
  12. The Untouchables - Blackout VIP :: Samurai Music
  13. Coil - Sex with Sun Ra (P.1) :: Threshold House
  14. Broken English Club - Stray Dogs :: L.I.E.S.
  15. Vatican Shadow - Church of All Images (Regis Version) :: Blackest Ever Black
  16. JK Flesh - Chemsley Wood :: Pi Electronics
  17. Positive Centre - Lilith :: ABYSS
  18. Tullia Benedicta - To The Styx (Fire At Work remix) :: Black Chrysalis Archives
  19. SCB - Exctinct (Ireen Amnes remix) :: Hotflush Recordings
  20. Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch - Transmission 1 :: Downwards
  21. uBiK - La Città Morta :: manyfeetunder