Thrènes Mix 027

Thrènes Mix 027 comes from St. Petersburg artist Ultima. His track selection echoes the artist’s broad musical culture, which stems from his long trajectory in the underground music scene. He has been active for almost a decade, as a collector, passionate DJ, and event organizer. 

In 2013, Ultima founded the collective "Spacedome", composed of open-minded, respectful and curious people. Within this context, he ran many mini-festivals organized in the pine forests around St. Petersburg. A few years later, in 2018, he took a step ahead by co-founding the club RAF25. The venue is located in a Soviet bomb shelter and extends over 25 feet subterraneously. The underground flair of this club, combined with a thoughtful selection of guest artists, makes RAF25 a reference on the techno scene.

The mix he assembled for Thrènes encapsulates the depth of Ultima's dark and captivating universe. 
The best way to describe Ultima's mix for Thrènes is through his own words:
"...it reflects some of my musical passions and flows like a mystical anti-utopic story in the name of salvation and truth."


  1. Torn Relics - Imni :: Sacred Court
  2. PRG3 - NOT 42 :: Ekar
  3. Meer - Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark :: Voidance
  4. Rell & Eramo - Roots :: Monolith
  5. Noform - Svytost :: Several Minor Promises
  6. Valentin Mase - Deny (feat. Lea Maria Fries) :: Abyss
  7. Fret - Salford Priors :: Opal Tapes
  8. Agency - Scooped Out Baby By The River :: Instruments Of Discipline
  9. Atsushi Izumi - Inimicus :: Thrènes
  10. Geistform - Energia :: Sacred Court
  11. Maenad Veyl - Liberation :: Veyl
  12. Lvdwig - Doxepine :: Larmes
  13. Arash Moori - Heterodyne II :: Type
  14. Ultima - Untitled (Live Cut) :: unreleased