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Thrènes Mix 028

Nitrate returns this year with a delightful, ambient set for the Thrènes Mix Series. Since her first appearance in our mix series back in 2017, Nitrate's passion for music has steadily grown. Her talent is widely recognized, thanks to her numerous DJ performances in various venues, festivals, and radio stations across Switzerland. Nitrate is also actively participating in the electronic music scene, both as an event organizer at the UMBO underground club in Zürich and as the founder of [RONO2], a series of podcasts featuring live recordings in the artist's studio.
Her set for Thrènes reflects the quintessence of uninterrupted tension. Losing track of time through a plethora of details that lurk in this unique assemblage is just one of the numerous mundane pleasures that the listener will experience.
We can immerse ourselves in Nitrate's sonic universe as we await—with great enthusiasm—her forthcoming imprint (000-000) to be released soon.


  1. Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy - Haj حاج :: Whities
  2. Markus Kenel & Irène - Rakun :: ClubCultureCH
  3. Theme - Passage 7 :: Samurai Music
  4. Pan Daijing - Practice Of Hygiene :: PAN
  5. Dasha Rush - A Minute After The War :: Raster-Noton
  6. Sara Oswald & Feldermelder - Insomnia :: -OUS
  7. Noria Lilt - Eternal Expansion :: ClubCultureCH
  8. Jacaszek - Eternity :: Ghostly International
  9. Kujo - Elephant Man :: Accents Records
  10. Dasha Rush - Fog, Dogma And Bread :: Raster-Noton
  11. R.A.N. - Ay :: Karlrecords
  12. Goblin - Suspiria (Narration) :: Cinevox
  13. Flore - Rituals :: POLAAR
  14. Flore - You were here :: POLAAR
  15. Fjäder - Satori :: Fullpanda Records
  16. Black Rain - Black Mother Kali Gandaki :: Blackest Ever Black
  17. Kotra - Zmina :: Kvitnu
  18. Demdike Stare - Caged in Stammheim (Undogmatic Remix) :: Undogmatic